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Returning to grandma’s traditional feature rice beauty remedies.

As a child, I would watch my grandma apply generous amounts of white paste powder on her face every morning and evening as part of her daily beauty regime. I learnt that this was called Bedak Sejuk (Cold Powder) – a natural Asian beauty product traditionally made from fermented rice and shaped into tiny white teardrop-shaped beads.

Growing up, I helped my grandma tediously make the dainty white rice powder beads and this powder was regularly used in my household to keep our skin cool and prevent acne outbreaks in the humid and tropical climate of Malaysia. 

With the rise of Western and Korean beauty products, traditional beauty regimes that pay homage to our heritage and culture are slowly being forgotten. I became more aware of the harmful chemicals found in most of the skincare and beauty products I was using, which posed a threat not only to my health, but the environment and the planet’s natural eco-system. It became my mission to look for the best natural skincare products available in the market. I tried many natural beauty products, however found them either too expensive, lacked effectiveness or weren’t entirely ‘natural’. This led me back to my roots, to bring back my grandma’s beauty secrets.  

Our natural skin care and beauty products feature rice as the signature ingredient -a staple food in Asian cuisine. It’s known to be rich in minerals and high in nutrition. Its skin whitening, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties brightens the skin and benefits the complexion. We’ve combined it with other natural ingredients to create a simple, safer and more environmentally friendly product for your skin.

Our products are specially hand curated just like I used to with my grandma – free of all synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals that may be unkind to your skin. 

Our mission is to hand curate 100% natural products using only the finest and freshest natural ingredients that are clean, gentle, truly effective, harsh-free and hassle-free.

We believe that
being kind to our skin, and to our planet can go hand in hand. 

Our Heritage: Rice, the Beauty Secret of Asia

A humble staple food in Asian cuisine, rice is a natural skincare secret forgotten  and replaced by harsh chemical ingredients in most current skincare products.

Rice is the foundation of our completely natural skincare products because of its amazing nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some benefits of rice are:
– Rich in minerals
– Amino acids
– High in nutritional value

Our heritage body and face masks are made with a traditional recipe based on fermented rice.

Rice fermentation is a time-honoured and patient process that can take up to 6 months which promotes cell regeneration, skin renewal, skin lightening and brightening.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal acne and sunburn with regular use.

Our all natural products are handmade in small batches and contains a unique combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs made together with fermented rice to maintain the quality of our handmade products. Because of this, our heritage masks rice beads may vary in size,shape, colour and smell..

We believe in using our Asian heritage and creativity to bring back skincare products that are 100% natural and completely free from chemicals.

All our heritage masks have been specially curated for various skin types and ailments, ensuring that there’s a mask to help maintain or improve any common skin condition.

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